As a beginner we will cover the basics including how to hold the sticks correctly; the names of the different drums and cymbals; and how to play a pop/rock beat using basic co-ordination. From lessons thereon we will develop your basic techniques and understanding of rhythmn around the drum kit by learning different songs and styles. If a students feels like they would like to work towards a grade we can start to do so. The most important thing is that you have fun whilst learning how to play the drums. 


For the more experienced drummer in your first lesson we can discuss and tailor your lessons to what you would like to improve on whether that be more advanced techniques, 4 way co-ordination, linear phrasing, double pedal patterns, playing to a click track. We can also offer advice on how to approach going in to a recording studio for the first time, getting in the right mindset for auditions and how to approach live playing. We have a large number of books and sheet music that we can work from that will work on specific parts of your playing.

Female drummer having a drum lesson with drum kit teacher tutor music online near aylesbury wendover buckinghamshire